Pride Anti-Bacterial Dish Washing Liquid

Pride Antibacterial Dish Washing Liquid

Pride Antibacterial Dish Washing Liquid

Pride Anti-bacterial Dish Washing Liquid has been a market leader in its category for many many years and our loyal consumers have been asking us for more variants for a long time and thus it is our pleasure to introduce our new range of Pride Clear Anti-Bacterial Dish Washing Liquids after extensive hours of research and development.

Pride Clear Anti-Bacterial dish washing liquid is a detergent used to wash utensils, glasses & cutlery. It has a unique concentration that works on tough stains and kills germs leaving your cutlery, glasses & utensils fresh and sparkling clean. It is gentle on the hands leaving them soft and smooth.

The New Clear Liquid lasts longer as it works effectively with the first wash only, hence an economical product. With it’s anti-bacterial properties, this product is a win win solution for your everyday kitchen essentials. It comes in 2 variants, namely Apple Fresh and Lemon & Lime. This product has been specially formulated keeping in mind the comfort of the user and emphasis on hygiene for your favourite cutlery, glasses & utensils.


Variants Product Code Packing per Carton
Lemon & Lime 450ml PC450L 12 pcs
Apple Fresh 450ml PC450A 12 pcs
Lemon & Lime 750ml PC750L 12 pcs
Apple Fresh 750ml PC750A 12 pcs