Climax Disinfectant Blocks


Climax range of disinfectant air freshener blocks now available with three new exotic inspired flavors namely Tropical Fruits, Berries and Forest Fruits available in 50gm and 170gms sizes.

Furthermore, we have also introduced our Climax disinfectant air freshener blocks with first of its kind packing that comes in a plastic Hang D├ęcor in the same new exotic inspired flavours, all in 50 gm size.

Climax air freshner blocks eliminates odours in toilets, kitchens & bedrooms, leaving a long lasting fresh fragrance. Climax Hang Decor air freshner keeps your clothes smelling fresh and aromatic when hung in cupboards. Bring back the new car smell by hanging Climax Hang Decor in the car.

Variants Product Code Packing per Carton
Small Size 50g C050S 12 Doz
Large Size 170g C170L 04 Doz
Hang Decor C050SP 04 Doz