24.03.2012 – Valon Petroleum Jelly sponsors Friendship International Football Academy

Like others in the past, and hopefully many more in the future, Canon Chemicals Ltd has chosen to focus their CSR towards the slums of our Country. Because it is here where the greatest suffering occurs, yet it is the slums and the people who live here which are the first to be forgotten when it comes to development.

It is in this light that we are extremely fortunate to come across an organization, which has now come to be known as Football International Sporting Academy (FISA), to not only share our ideology, but one who has actively for the last 6 years “Made a Difference” in the lives of hundreds of children and their families in Mukuru Slums.

To battle the challenges and misery that many of these children have to suffer daily, FISA has aptly chosen a tool that I call “The World’s Language”, you may know it as “Football”, to not only bring joy and excitement, but to actually pave an alternative way of living for these children – A glimmer of hope!


Peoples NewsPaper

Canon Chemicals under its flagship brand Valon Petroleum Jelly, are proud to be associated with such a just and noble cause which helps children out of a life exposed to crime, robbery and other vices, into one where sport is the pinnacle of your everyday life and the talent is developed to earn a living off.

Canon Chemicals has been manufacturing consumer products under brands such as Valon Petroleum Jelly, Pride Washing Liquid and Scouring Powder, Twilite and Supalite Candles to name a few. As a company we have always taken CSR as a priority, but have never done so in the limelight.

It is only now after learning “When doing a good deed, shout out about it! Who knows, others may be inclined to follow!”, that we are all here today. It is with your help and talent, we are hoping that Kenya will awaken to more partnerships like FISA and Valon to help those in need.

To learn more about FISA please click here